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Nurses want embroidery?? What?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

My wife and I just recently made a few products for one of our customers located at Fort Sam Houston, TX who happens to work in the Operating Room of the Hospital. She works at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and had reached out to my wife about wanting to have some custom pet carriers made for cats. Still have no idea how she found us, but we aren't complaining! We honestly had never embroidered these types of bags before, but we said, "what the heck, let's try it!" By "we", I mean her. Thankfully, we had a few bags that were similar to the bags that our customer had given us, so we practiced embroidering on these first. After a few tries, we were ready to give the real thing a shot. So on we(her) went....I never realized how much anxiety you get right before you push the button on your machine to start embroidering, but man was I nervous. My palms were sweaty and I am pretty sure it took us about 15 minutes of realigning the machine before we pushed the button. Our measurements were probably spot on to begin with, but we wanted to be sure. Long story short, the bags came out great. We were able to deliver the products to a happy customer, and we thought our transaction had ended....but it didn't. She wanted more! She was impressed with our (her) craftsmanship and my ability to carry the finished products on time. Not trying to take credit or anything, but if it wasn't for me, those bags would never have been delivered, not to mention the stress of trying to find the Emergency Room. This was a feat in itself. Anyway....she wanted more!

After I dropped the bags off, I went on my happy way to Jimmy Johns to get my favorite salami sandwich and low an behold, I get a text message from the same customer I had just delivered the bags to. Honestly, it was one of the longer text messages I had ever received in my life. She went on to thank us for the bags again and appreciated that we not only gave her a great product, but we also gave her something a little extra, A Nurse Themed Clutch. My wife thought it would be a good idea to embroider something related to the hospital as a Thank You gift...At the time I thought it was a waste a money, but man was I wrong. The customer liked this little nurse themed clutch so much that she requested that we make custom made scrub caps for her staff. Come to find out, she is the head of the Operating Room at one of the largest hospitals in the world. Now here we (my wife) go... about to make a bulk order of custom scrub hats for one of the largest hospitals in the world! Who knew that such a small gesture would go such a long way? Stay tuned for part 2 next week when deliver our custom made scrub hats to our lovely customer at BAMC!

BTW, if you want custom made scrub caps let us know!

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