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If you can dream it, we can make it

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Breeanna Rael
President & CEO (The Brains)

Candice Ureta
Lead Graphic Designer (The Creator)

Gabriel Rael
VP, Marketing and Operations (The Brawn)


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My passion is to help others and most importantly I want to help your business, school, non profit organization increase brand awareness! Thats what we do!. I come from a military family, and we strive everyday to make sure everything we deliver to you is precise. We are committed to ensuring everything that comes out of BusyBee is perfect and every product has "attention to detail". I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and I believe Busy Bee Embroidery can deliver products to you that make you happy and enable your business to be successful.

Gabriel Rael


As the owner of Busy Bee Embroidery, I want to ensure that all your needs are met. If you can dream it, we can make it. I have worked extensively with children ages 0-4 at Child Development Centers, so I am very familiar with what children need...and more importantly mothers!! We are committed to ensuring our business uses ecofriendly practices. We recycle and our proud of it and nothing we use is wasted. We strive for perfection every day and continue to make creative products that meet your family's needs.

Breeanna Rael

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