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How to Remove Embroidery

Put Down that "Seam Ripper" and Pick up Your Husband's "Face Razor"!

Picture this. You just finished embroidering 10 shirts and are really proud of yourself for not getting distracted today and accomplishing a big task. Then your husband comes into the room and says, "Babe why is that logo in white thread and not black thread?" Your heart immediately falls out of your A@# and you start to panic. You then go back to look at the invoice and realize that your husband is actually correct...for once in his life. The logo was supposed to be in black thread and without extra shirts to embroider on, it seems like all hope is lost. Fear not, there is hope, but you must follow these steps and say multiple prayers along the way.

Step 1: If you are anything like me, you may be having a heart attack. Don't Panic and Try not to Cry. It's going to be OK.

How Would you Remove Embroidery?

  • Seam Ripper

  • Sewing Scissors

  • BIC Lighter

Step 2: Put Down that "Seam Ripper" and Pick up Your Husband's "Face Razor"! You may go through more than one, so it would be wise to make a quick trip the grocery store to buy some disposable razors.

Step 3: Turn your embroidery inside out and start to shave the back of your embroidery until all the thread is gone. Try not to make holes in the fabric, like me, so be careful.

Step 4: Say a Prayer to the Embroidery Gods if you haven't already.

Step 5: Turn your embroidery back to where the embroidered thread is visible (Bobbin is not showing).

Step 6: Now you can grab that Seam Remover! Use the rubber end to start rubbing back and forth over the top of your embroidery until all the thread is removed. You may have to repeat Step 3 and the occasional Step 4 until you complete Step 6.

Step 7: Clean off the excess fuzzy lint and now you can embroider over the top of it again! You will have a few thread holes left over, but these shouldn't be a problem as long as they are not too big!

Thank you for reading our Embroidery Blog!

-Busy Bee Embroidery

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